Daddy’s Day Out

Our dad has got to be the hardest person to shop for. We’re talking birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day…anything. Even if he shares a day with our mum, like their anniversary. We love our dad dearly, but a few times a year can have our brains exploding with the effort of thinking of a gift for him. We can only give socks, belts, and wallets so many times.

Perusing any Father’s Day magazines and blogs bring up products that have to do with grilling, barbecuing, dad aprons, golfing, beer…you know, the typical manly stuff. But our dad doesn’t golf. And we don’t do much outdoor grilling here in this foggy city. It’s too cold to cook outside!

So, racking our brains again, we thought, How can we make our dad feel special for Father’s Day?

And then pow! it hit us! Daddy was the one who always spoiled us with sweets and goodies, took us out to explore different places, such as amusement parks, playgrounds, and shopping outlets. He also cooked us amazing, home-cooked meals, fixed our broken furniture, killed offending spiders, and well, basically drove us wherever we needed to go during those times we did not have our driver’s license.

Then we figured, Why not do the same for him? Although, truthfully, a single day will never compare to all that our father has done for us in our life.


Start off the day by hand-making dim sum and noodles for dear ol’ dad. Nothing will touch his heart more than some dumplings that are made with love. Of course, if that requires a little too much effort and time, you can always take him to a dim sum restaurant. We won’t judge; we’d probably do that, too. ;)

1. Thanks, Dad for Killing All Those Spiders Card by Julie Ann Art 

2. Xiao Long Bao by Jaden Hair (Steamy Kitchen)

3. Homemade Udon Noodles by Andrea Nguyen (Viet World Kitchen)

After searching for many ideas for great dad gifts, we came across a nifty, slim, eco-friendly cork wallet. You know, so your dad has a fresh wallet to hold more money to take you out some more. A recycled oak wood beer carrier with bottle opener on the side will let your dad take a 6-pack on outings. Bamboo cooking utensils with touching father quotes, you know, so your dad can cook more meals for you. As much as we are capable of cooking for our dad, we will always need our dad-cooked dinners.

4. Cork Wallet by Corker

5. Oak Wood Beer Carrier by First Rule Brew Co.

6. Father’s Day Bamboo Utensils by Kevin Bevill (E2 Designs)

7. For an afternoon outing, take your father out for a boat ride, or even pedal boating! You can do all the work, while he kicks back and relaxes. You could also go for a scenic car ride, or do something that your town offers, like a train ride, or something more thrilling like ATV or go-kart racing.

8. Or hit the amusement park or the boardwalk, to reminisce about the good ol’ days, when your dad used to carry you on his shoulders. (1975 Ride Art Print by Maite Pons)

9. In the evening, hit up a local Movie Night in the Park for more chill time.

10. Modern Rustic Woodgrain Picnic Blanket by Sewn Natural is an eco-friendly way to stay comfy during the movie.

11.  And of course, don’t forget to bring snacks and munchies that your father loves! Get your dad’s favorite soda pop and adorn them with these adorable Retro POPS! Printables by Delightfully Noted.

12. Our dad’s ultimate favorite sweet will always be the classic chocolate chip cookie, so we know that will always be a winner. Browned Butter Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies by Jaclyn (Cooking Classy) have that classic goodness, but with a slight yummy twist.

13. To cap off the night, do your favorite dad activity and head to your favorite ice cream shop. We’re sure your dad will melt from this special outing with his favorite people in the world. (Photo by The Penny Ice Creamery)

• • •

How do you plan on celebrating Father’s Day this year?

• • •


T + J

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